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Directions for Completing the Accredited Collection Facility (ACF) Program Application

Accreditation involves two key elements of a collection facility's operations; 1) the equipment and business practices of the collection facility and 2) the collection personnel. Detailed requirements have been developed by the drug and alcohol testing industry to meet the goal of promoting the highest quality operating standards, and employing only DATIA certified collection personnel.

To complete this application: 1) Read the Accreditation Program Conditions and Rules; 2) Read through the Accreditation Requirements and initial each requirement that your collection facility meets; 3) Include a copy of your facility's Certified Professional Collector Trainer's (CPCT) certificate, 4) Include a copy of each employee's Certified Professional Collector (CPC) certificate, and 5) Include a copy of your company's Professional Liability Insurance Coverage.

Materials including an accreditation plaque, an accreditation logo sheet, press release and a window decal will be provided upon successful completion of this process. If you have any questions regarding the application, please contact DATIA headquarters at 800-355- 1257.