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DATIA Committee Sign-Up Form

I am interested in assisting DATIA in furthering its mission. I am committed to participating in the committee(s) I have selected, and understand that I am expected to respond to email requests for input and participate in intermittent teleconferences. I also understand that if I miss 2 teleconferences in a calendar year, I will be removed from the committee.

Communications Committee – This committee is responsible for assisting DATIA in the development of content for DATIA focus. The committee will work to ensure that DATIA remains a vital part of the industry through relevant article publication. To meet this goal, committee members will be responsible for identifying topics of interest and identifying, contacting, and securing authors. Each committee member is expected to prepare/secure an author for at least one article for the DATIA focus or other industry publication.

International Committee - Members of this committee are responsible for furthering DATIA’s presence in the global drug and alcohol testing market for the benefit of DATIA members. The committee will work to identify partners in other countries and facilitate discussion and collaboration on how we can learn from each other’s experiences, develop best practices for international testing, and address drug-free workplaces on an international level.

Legislative and Regulatory Committee - Members of the Legislative and Regulatory Committee are responsible for providing guidance to DATIA on legislative and regulatory issues as they arise in the drug and alcohol testing industry, and assisting DATIA in determining those issues on which the association will take a position. Written comments and white papers on issues and potential regulations affecting the industry are formed through input from this committee.

Education Committee - The Education Committee is responsible for the development of industry standards/best practices and educational programs to benefit providers of drug and alcohol testing services. Roles include but are not limited to assisting in the development of industry standards, maintaining the integrity of DATIA’s standards and training programs, and identifying topics and soliciting presenters for webinars. The committee, via the Annual Conference Subcommittee, also assists in the development of the annual conference sessions and is responsible for identifying industry leaders to speak at the annual conference, providing suggestions for conference session topics, assisting in the development of the conference theme, soliciting and securing sponsors, and providing suggestions for ensuring that conference attendees are pleased with the annual conference.

Membership Committee – The Membership Committee is responsible for identifying sources of prospects for DATIA membership and identifying related industries to promote DATIA membership and programs. The Membership Committee is also a vital source in helping to shape DATIA’s marketing message to these potential members.

Marijuana Outreach Committee – Members of the Marijuana Outreach Committee will provide DATIA members with background and guidance on legislation surrounding the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana. The committee will focus on reaching out to and educating employers on the right to drug test their employees.